Would you like to BUG someone?  

It’s not hard!  

mask_displayChoose one of the masks a butterfly, green bug, ladybug orwhatever. 

You will then find the link to download the mask you chose. Print it out on your printer. If you have some heavy paper, that would work best. You can color the mask or leave it plain. Then just cut it out. To wear it like a hat, use a strip of paper that is long enough to wrap around your head and tape it to the back of the mask. To wear it like a mask, cut out the eyes and follow the instructions on the printout.


Butterflies and plants help each other… 

Butterflies live on the sweet juice called nectar made by flowers. While they are sipping, pollen on the flowers stick to their bodies and gets moved from plant to plant. Plants need this service to make new seeds. Butterflies and plants “give” a little and “get” a little from each other. To download the butterfly mask, CLICK HERE.       butterflymask_sm To learn more about butterflies,  CLICK HERE


Every bug is an insect….but not every insect is a bug. 

There are more than 80,000 differnt types of true BUG. True bugs have mouthparts that can suck the juice out of plants….and maybe even you! EW-W-W-W! To download the bug mask, CLICK HERE.      To learn more about bugs,  CLICK HERE


Ladybugs don’t bite or sting. 

They don’t pester you or make noise. 
They are amazingly beautiful and are hard workers. Ladybugs get rid of many of the small insects that destroy plants. To download the Ladybug mask,  ladybugmask-c-sm CLICK HERE.   

To learn more about Ladybugs,  CLICK HERE


Honey bees are very busy little creatures! 

Honey bees make and do things that are helpful to humans. Honey bees provide us with honey and are the prime pollinators of the planet. 
Pollinators help plants make more plants.
People need plants to survive. To download the Bee mask,  beemask-c-sm CLICK HERE.      

To learn more about Bees,  CLICK HERE


Tiny little powerhouses… 

To download the Hummingbird mask, CLICK HERE.      To learn more about Hummingbirds,  CLICK HERE


Toads are remarkable little creature. 

To download the Bat mask, CLICK HERE.      To learn more about Bats,  CLICK HERE


Toads are remarkable little creature. 

To download the Toad mask, CLICK HERE.      To learn more about Toads,  CLICK HERE