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Fun With Your Food

Mother always said, “Don’t play with your food!” but we don’t agree.  The food that the earth gives us is beautiful!  It’s full of a variety of colors, tones, textures, and shapes. How could we not play with our food!220px-PerfectStrawberry Take a moment with your sprout to stop and really look at a strawberry. Note the shape, the variety of colors and the depth of those colors. How does it feel in our hand? Use all of your senses to appreciate this masterpiece! banana-treeWhat began as banana, kiwi and mandarin orange slices became an adorable tropical island.  There are so many possibilities of what your tropical island can look like. Apple slices can be used to sprout out of the top as palm fronds.  Add some blueberry “coconuts.” If you have fresh fruit on hand you can create a beauty of your own! So, play with your food! Show your own little sprouts that it’s not a chore to eat fruit, it’s an opportunity for creative fun that will fuel their minds and their bodies!