Everybody Needs Friends

KGS “Friends” are the special people who join our family of supporters.  For only $35, Friends get an insulated Kids Growing Strong shopping bag to keep their fuits and veggies cool when carrying them home from the Farmers Market. (Of course the tote is good for other things, too!)

VeggieKidandBagBut that’s not all!

Kids Growing Strong will send you, or a young Friend of your choice if you send us their address, seasonal packets of seeds to plant and enjoy. Kids love getting the seeds in the mail. They can then plan a project planting the seeds inside or outside with their family. If they follow the directions and things go as they should, they will get fresh vegetables or flowers to enjoy. Last Summer we sent a sample of cucumbers and tomato seeds. During the winter the mailing included salad greens and carrots to grow on a windowsill.

But most important of all, Friends are supporters who help keep Kids Growing Strong growing strong! If you would like to sign up to be a Kids Growing Strong Friend the big red button.

THANK YOU  to all of our Friends!