Volunteer to Help

Did you ever stop to think about how much a child has to learn before he grows up?

Besides reading, wrting and arthimetic, there is so much more! From just learning to tie your shoe to mastering a world of ever more complicated computers,  children today need an incredble amount of learning just to survive.

Who is going to help them learn? The schools are doing a great job but cannot succeed alone. We all must chip in and help our children…. each and everyone of us has a lifetime of experiences and knowledge that we can share.

Step up today and contribute your share. The future needs you!

Event Help

The colorful and instructve Kids Growing Strong displays are in demand at events throughout the state. Volunteers are needed to help in event planning and preparation, set-up, hosting the display and helping families during the event followed by teardown and pack-up when an event concludes. Many hands make for light work. Your hands are needed.

Become a Leader

Trained Kids Growing Strong leaders are needed throughout the state to help manage the program in local communities. All KGS leaders will be trained and equiped with the tools they need to administer and execute displays and educational programming. Training is scheduled at venues throughout the state. Watch for details.

Other Ways to Volunteer

It takes a great deal of effort  to create Kids Growing Strong educational materials and displays and stay up-to-date with the administrative tasks.  Artistic volunteers with sewing, sculpting and illustration skill are desperately needed. Help to package bulk organic seeds into kid-sized packets  is always appreciated. Could you be an evangelist who could promote KGS throughout the state?  If you have skils in public relations, event management, graphic design, gardening, elementary education, office administration, or just all-round great people skills, KIDS GROWING STONG NEEDS YOU!

Contact us at Volunteer at kidsgrowingstrong.org