Why bother with a Latin name?


  Plant Classification / Taxonomy


Beans are Beans, but . . .


There are hundreds of types of beans; Pinto, green beans, kidney beans, etc. How can we know which bean we are talking about?

Let’s use the beans we call fave beans as an example. Fave beans are among the easiest beans to grow and have been cultivated by humans for more than 8000 years. During that time they have spread all over the world.

With such a long and expansive history, it is not surprising that fava beans have different names in different places. In our country alone, fava beans are also commonly known as broad beans,  faba beans, field beans, bell beans or tic beans. Who knows what they are called in the rest of the world?

In order to correctly communicate with each other and start to sort out the fave beans from the rest, a classification system is essential.