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This morning you ate and drank plants. 

   orange juice, tomato juice, maple syrup, fruit, cereal, bread & muffins made from flour

         You are wearing plants. 

                     cotton, denim, linen

Plant-based fuel moves you around town…

   gasoline & oil

         and keeps the lights shining.

                 burning coal produces electricity…

Some of your favorite things come from plants.

   pizza sauce & dough, chocolate, vanilla, popcorn, peanuts,

   the sheets the on your bed, rubber? erasers, perfume, strawberries,

   dollar bills, cinnamon & wedding bouquets

Some things you see but never take time to think about come from plants.

   Coca Cola, blue jeans, medicine, wood, furniture, aspirin, beer and wine, pepper, books and newspapers

 In fact, much of history and culture happened they way it did because of plants!


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