Kids Growing Strong Programs

Though the programing of Kids Growing Strong program focuses on four areas of education: Health and Nutrition, Science Education, Gardening and Personal and Social Development, the content is presented in terms of daily-life skills that enable each child to easily build a foundation for a well-rounded life. Programs are soundly rooted in the principles of basic science and integrated into the humanities at every opportunity. Grounded in the fundamental topics of Strong Bodies, Strong Minds and a Healthy Lifestyle, program activities are designed to construct an integrated framework of knowledge and experience that children can build upon throughout their lives.

Special Projects @ Kids Growing Strong


provides garden-focused groups with activity kits that include growing greens, herbs, beginner gardening and activities that promote the welfare of pollinators.


a certification program that helps prepare garden leaders to successfully bring the joys and wonders of gardening to kids.

It All Happens in the Garden

Garden-buttonKids Growing StrongTM is dedicated to helping children discover the exciting story of how plants, animals, insects…  as well as physics, chemistry, geology, climatology and biology… all come together in a garden to tell an exciting tale. A garden is a perfect environment to teach children the wonders of science and as well as foster a sense of freedom and discovery that is essential to healthy child development. 

Grow Healthy, Grow Strong

healthy_buttonA priority of the Kids Growings Strong‘s programs is to help children grow healthy and strong. Our world is changing very quickly and our lifestyle, particularly in regard to food and exercise, is changing along with it. We eat more calories of quick and easy, but often not nutritious food. We move about less, burning less calories and storing more calories on our bodies in the form of fat than we ever did before. For the good of our children we need to adjust their lifestyle to what is good for the health of their bodies.

An important mission of Kids Growing Strong is to help parents and caregivers teach their children to build healthy habits early in life and help launch their kids on track for a lifetime of wellness.

For children:

Why is education, particularly health education important to a child? Typically, it usually isn’t!  Kids are new and for the most part healthy and have little care about maintaining their own health. To them it is a given. Parents know better. Good health can easily slip away so health education is important. A child can build a healthy adulthood upon a foundation of good childhood health. It is the aim of Kids Growing StrongTM to help children develop the outlook and habits that will serve them well for a lifetime of healthy living.

For parents

Every parent wants their child to grow happy, healthy and strong. Most of us have a general idea about how to help make sure that happens. Kids Growing StrongTM is available to assist parents with information, activities and general support to help them navigate the conflicting theories of what really contributes “good health” with tips and tools to help impart that information to their children in a way the children will understand, retain and incorporate into their daily lives.

Science Matters

When you eat your breakfast you are initiating a chemical process. When you brush your hair you are causing friction. When you hop on the bus you are being transported in a marvel of mechanical, electrical and chemical contrivances that use pressure, combustion and many other scientific systems to move you on your way. When you run to class you are operating under the laws of motion and kinetics. Science is with you every minute of every day.  Young children are naturally curious and constantly exploring the world around them. Kids Growing Strong takes advantage of that natural curiosity and presents children with ideas and experiences that can help them form a strong foundation in scientific principles and the scientific process.

Science for a Better Future

Kids Growing Strong presents children with ideas and experiences that can help them form a strong foundation in scientific principles and the scientific process. To learn the scientific method is to learn strategies to develop good judgment, formulate rules, test ideas and detect bias. These same strategies are beneficial for a successful personal life. Teach kids how to think, how to evaluate and judge, how to process information and how to decipher rules and conclusions about the world. and they will have a better chance to make a good life for themselves. The ability to accurately present ideas and reasons is the foundation of clear thinking. They will be armed with a powerful set of tools that will last them a lifetime

Future Decision Makers Kids Growing Strong presents children with ideas and experiences that can help them form a strong foundation in scientific principles and the scientific process that will afford them the ability to discern fact from fiction; necessary from unnecessary.

Future Scientists An understanding and interest in science is critical for innovation and development in our society. Today’s children are tomorrow’s scientists. It is critical to encourage an interest in science in children at an early age.

Share with Others

Kids Growing StrongTM believes that an important part of a child’s growth and motivation lies in contributing to the greater good, being part of something greater than themselves. While “changing the world” and making it a better place often calls to mind images of great leaders and extraordinary people, there is plenty of need for less lofty acts that create small measures of happiness in the lives of those around us. Little gestures like sharing… sharing food and sharing space can create or strengthen our sense of community and of shared humanity, lightening our burdens for just a moment and give us something to smile about. And that’s no small matter.

Humanities for a More Compassionate Life

Without beauty, emotion and inspiration, life is nothing but an integrated system of chemical processes. It is the humanities, literature, art and culture, that breathes meaning, excitement and energy into human life. No discussion of a healthy lifestyle would be complete with the humanitarian aspect. Therefore, Kids Growing Strong uses every opportunity to  weave art, crafts, storytelling, history, character and culture as well as the sheer beauty of life into the every lesson and every activity we present.