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2. Planning

3. Getting Organized

4. Think Outside the Bed

6. GARDEN BASICS: Sunshine, Water, Warmth and Space

7. GARDEN BASICS: Soil and the Building Blocks of Life

How Gardens Work


For the most part, plants know what they need to do to survive. They have been doing so longer than gardeners have been around.  

On their own, they grow where they choose and thrive without any help form people. In our gardens, we are asking the plants to grow where WE choose to put them, not always where the plant would prefer to grow.

To be successful, the gardener must be familiar with their requirements, how they grow, and how they live.

Let’s begin…

Gardening is easy…

Gardening is simple enough that a child can do it… but it is complicated enough that you will never know everything there is to know about it. In fact, you will never stop learning how to do it better! Kids-Gardening503


Gardens are full of surprises…

No one ever learns all there is to know.

Gardening has been around for a very long time and has been practiced by a great many people. As such, there are as many opinions about what is “right” or “wrong,” as there are gardeners. This course attempt only to give an overview of the most commonly accepted principles and “best practices.” Jefferson

Let’s get started!


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Gathering information to establish a great garden.