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Teach a Child to Garden, Grow Healthy Eating Habits for Life

vegetables-from-gardenTeach a kid to grow a carrot, and she’ll probably eat more of them, according a new study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The study found that kids who are involved in the process of growing their own food are more likely to have healthier diets. Children in 4th through 6th grades attended a YMCA summer camp program called “Delicious and Nutritious Garden,” during which they worked in the garden, taste-tested fruits and vegetables, and used them to make their own snacks. At the end of the 12-week program, 98 percent of kids said they liked the taste tests, 93 percent said they liked the cooking aspect, 96 percent liked working in the garden, and 91 percent said they actually enjoyed learning about fruits and vegetables. The research finding’s listed six key benefit areas of garden-based learning for children, youth, adults, and families:

  1. Nutrition Awareness
  2. Environmental Awareness
  3. Learning Achievements
  4. Life Skills
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Community Building and Social Connections

Results from this study of middle school-aged students indicate that school gardening may affect children’s vegetable consumption, including improved recognition of, attitudes toward, preferences for, and willingness to taste vegetables. Gardening also increases the variety of vegetables eaten. Results showed that food and nutrition professionals should use this sort of “seed-to-table” education program to educate kids about healthy eating. With the economy as it is and current budget restraints that many find themselves under, this means we have a responsibility and an opportunity to grow gardens with our children.  A small garden with only a vegetable or two is a huge investment in the health of our children.  And…. we always love a fun project to get the sprouting minds excited!

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