Leader Training

KGS Leader Training


Training Leaders to Use Garden-based Education

Sponsored by Kids Growing Strong.
Funded by a grant from the US Dept. of Agriculture
through the California Dept. of Food & Agriculture


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Kids Growing StrongTM has been awarded a grant from the California Department of Food & Agriculture and the US Department of Agriculture to develop a 'Train-the-Trainer' program to promote California-grown fruit and vegetables.

What does this mean?

It means that  Kids Growing StrongTM will prepare local leaders to enrich the lives of families in their own communities by sharing the joy that can be found in growing and eating fresh California produce. In communities statewide, Leader trainees will learn how to reach out to families and demonstrate how CA-grown produce can reconnect people with the importance of where/how the food they eat is grown, improve health and enrich experiences at the family dining table and during family time.

And it's FREE!

Kids Growing StrongTM will provide the core leadership with a variety of media-rich educational materials, displays, continuing education opportunities and guidance for structured "hands-on" workshops to help people grow, prepare and taste produce in season.

These trainers will likewise be able to “pass it forward” and train other members of their communities to do the same.

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The Training

Trainees will be invited to attend a full day of hands-on training.
There will be no cost for the training or materials covered.

The topics will include:

  • The importance of garden education for kids
  • How kids learn
  • EVERYTHING happens in a garden. Using the garden to teach life’s lessons & skills
  • Connecting children with nature and the source of their food & energy
  • How to keep the public and schools interested in vegetable & flower gardens for kids
  • Basic Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Working with the media: Creating relationships, press releases, meaningful images and videos

The on-site classes will be followed by five, online learning modules that Leaders can complete at their own pace at home.

  • Growing California-fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Nutritional value of  California-grown fruits, vegetables and nuts
  • Kitchen techniques and preparation of kid-friendly fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Interesting facts you may not know about California-grown fruits & vegetables
  • Advanced speaking & presentation skills

The Result

At the conclusion of training, it is hoped that every KGS-certified Youth Leader will know:

  • How to successfully garden with children.
  • Gardening activities that interest kids.
  • How to grow healthy fruits & vegetables.
  • Tips to use a garden to learn about science and nutrition.
  • Activities & crafts to do with families at home, church, events, fairs and schools.
  • Colorful materials to help make learning fun and memorable.
  • Creative California-fresh fruit and vegetable activities and recipes to help children develop healthy eating habits.
  • Basic theory about how children learn with tips to make learning “stick.”
  • How to help parents get the information they need to help their children grow healthy and strong.
  • How to effectively network with local organizations to develop support.
  • How to be part of the Kids Growing Strong network to gain free use of exhibits, handouts, seeds and displays.




A Note About Certification:

Trainees who complete the training and wish to be certified as  a "Kids Growing StrongTM  Youth Garden Leader" will be required to participate in a routine, criminal background check at a cost of $15. Certification is optional. The background check will be preformed by IntelliCorp and is strictly confidential. Many schools and other venues now require such a check before anyone is allowed to work with students or other young people. The check is limited to:


  • Nationwide Criminal Search
  • Sex Offender Registry all 50 states
  • SSN Verification with address history
  • OFAC Terrorist Search
  • County of Residence Criminal

The $10 rate is significantly discounted from the normal rate $50 rate. Again, this is the only fee that will be charged and it is optional, charged only when certification is requested.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A BACKGROUND CHECK, forget this one...we can use yours!