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Happy Holidays & Healthy New Year Resolutions for Kids

We at Kids Growing Strong hope that you have all enjoyed your holiday season.  As the new year of 2014 approaches now is a good time to make some new year resolutions with your kids to encourage a healthy lifestyle. These easily obtainable and very healthy new year resolutions are a great place to start. 

Thank you to SPARK: Countering Childhood Obesity Since 1989 

 "New Year’s is just around the corner, and now its time to start preparing those New Year’s Resolutions. This year, many families across the United States are fighting childhood obesity by creating New Years Resolutions that successfully promote their children’s health. After all, healthy lifestyles are learned at a young age. Here are five realistic New Year’s Resolutions to help promote your child’s health next year:

1. Limit Sodas and Other Sugary Treats, to the Weekends

The key to a successful New Year’s Resolution is to start simple. First, educate your children about the downfalls of eating and drinking too much sugar, or sugary products. Then, move on to limiting their soda intake, or any other sugary product that they love, just to the weekends. If you do away with soda and sugar all together, chances are your children will be unhappy and quite upset (to say the least).

By allowing sugary treats on the weekends, your children won’t feel like you’re punishing them, and they’ll realize that they don’t need to consume their favorite sugary treats all the time. Start simple, and eventually you can phase some sugary products out of your child’s diet all together. Keep in mind, that moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle, so don’t begin by cutting out sugars all together.

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